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The Incredibles News
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Download games for free - LEGALLY!!

GamersGate, the premier digital distribution service for games, today announced the launch of FreeGames, a free-to-play ad supported platform for PC games.

By England Bacbuk in on Thursday 07 July @ 20:01
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Incredible News

Another Year, Another FozLAN

By England Bacbuk in Incredible News on Monday 10 January @ 23:02
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Number One

The Incredibles do it again and take the number one spot in the Euro Domination - Promod Open Ladder and become the highest ranked clan in the Euro Domination network.

By England Bacbuk in COD 4 News / Competitions on Saturday 16 October @ 10:16
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FozLAN Pictures
Incredible News

Incredibles, FozLAN pictures for your perusal.

Enjoy Laughing

By England Bacbuk in FozLAN on Sunday 15 August @ 12:32
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Incredible News

The incredibles gather once again at FozLAN to share battle stores

By England Bacbuk in FozLAN4 on Thursday 27 August @ 19:38
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Incredible News

Welcome to FozLAN3 England

By England Bacbuk in FOZLAN 3 on Wednesday 18 June @ 17:24
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FozLAN2 Pics hot off the press
Incredible News

FozLAN 2
December 7th - December 9th 2007

(Top: Mayhem, Bex, Enigma, Cycore, Rambo)
(Bottom: Bacbuk, Fozzy, Loulou

More inside

By England Mayhem in Incredible News on Tuesday 11 December @ 18:51
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FozLAN 1 is a success

FozLAN 1
August 10th - August 12th 2007

Bacbuk's impressions
Held at Fozzy’s home in Newark, Friday 10th August saw the first installment of fozLAN. A LAN dedicated to the members of incredibles.

After arriving at 19:00 it did not take long before Enigma had pulled up on Fozzy’s drive. Out stepped the “northern giant” but what is this? No ginger....

By England Mayhem in FozLAN on Tuesday 14 August @ 23:15
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