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Fozzy “The Boss”, husband to Loulou, is one of the original members of The Incredibles and one of the oldest. Fozzy has always been there when it come to the clan, a real piece of antique furniture. After Incredibles split for the first time it was Fozzy who gathered the troops and reformed the old gang after eight months apart. Fozzy’s interests stretch a lot further from gaming. He is a member of his local church where he plays in the band and is always willing to give a little song over coms. Fozzy also runs his business from home so it is not unusual to find Foz gaming in the afternoon. A keen badminton player and footballer until that knee went but he still manages to dance around the badminton court.


When it comes to CoD Fozzy’s your planter, grenade catcher, bash buddy and now our flash monkey. His gunning skills are above average and so is his game play. Fozzy continues to command most matches he plays only sitting out once when his voice was damaged with all the singing. Fozzy is a very solid defensive minded player and can be very sneaky at times by creeping by the enemy and attacking from the rear. Overall an excellent clan leader, clan member and friend. It is always a pleasure playing with Foz and I hope we can continue for many moons to come.