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About The Incredibles

The Incredibles are made up of serious and dedicated on-line gamers who appreciate both the competitive and fun side of on-line gaming.

We are a mature group of people working towards excellence in gaming whilst building relationships based upon mutual respect and co-operation. Our goal is to be one of the best Call of Duty Clans in the UK. Our aim is to get on with the matter in hand, (Winning Matches), without getting caught up in the darker side of gaming such as abuse and disputes.

Whilst our players have been recruited on the basis of good playing ability, the most important criteria is their ability to show one another mutual respect and support, particularly on comms during matches or when simply having fun.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to post on our forums or visit us for a game in our server. In either case you will be made most welcome.

Call of Duty:Black Ops - July 19th 2011

It has been some time since the last update so I’ll try and bring it this up to speed.

We have had a number of changes regarding our squad. Halo, Shaggy, Lithium and Jatidope have left the clan to star their own adventure. Mayhem has stepped down from Black Ops and Engima is 'part time' but we wish them all the best.

The incredibles will be soldering on as normal. This time in the realms of Call of Duty:Black Ops. It has been a disappointing start with BO as MOD tools wasn't released during the first few month of the games arrival. Nevertheless, the remaining clan Fozzy, Bacbuk, Retro, HolyDeath, Raedus (with a little help from Engima) have continued to keep the Incredibles engine ticking over. We have participated in Clanbase, Eurodomination and ESL ladders with very little competitiveness due to the lack of a decent 'ProMod'.

We as a clan will continue to grow and achieve great things as we have in the past.

Call of Duty 4 - October 10th 2010

At the moment we are a strong team of 11 regular players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, active in the Eurodom promod open ladder and Clanbase. The clan started in Edom on 27 July 2009 and we soon got our claws into the ladder. We maintain focus and archived top spot within a few months of playing. Clanbase saw some official matches but we achieved runners up in the Clanbase Open Cup.

After holding 1st for a long period of time the CoD4 scene started to slow down so we decided to give, the old faithful, Cod2 ago. We signed ourselves in the Clanbase ladder played a few wars but again the community slowed down so again we jumped back onto CoD:MW where we are fighting to regain our number one spot in the Eurodom ladder.

There was a period of time where we gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but due to the lack of any kind of competitive MOD and dedicated servers it soon was apparent CoD:MW2 was not going to be a success with The Incredibles

There have been many clan members come and go which are impossible to name them all but we do still have two original member from Old Skool: Paul ‘Fozzy’ Foster and Kurn ‘Bacbuk’ Barrow the other members of The Incredibles are;

Ross ‘Wicker’ Clarke

Eddie ‘Lithium’ Vedder

Rick ‘Mayhem’ Powell

Lyn ‘Loulou’ Foster

Chris ‘Prostanc3’ Ennion

Darren ‘Halo’ Robson

Josh ‘Northy’ North

Jamie ‘Shaggy’ Sheehan

Rob ‘Engima’ Marshall

As a clan we are now looking forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops and we hope to be as competitive and as successful with CoD:BO as we have been with CoD:MW


Call of Duty 4 - November 28th 2007

A new game, a new start. We have some new faces now and are eager to get into some Cod4 action. Here is our current state of play

Going into cod4 we still have 5 of our long-term institutionalised players in our squad. 4 of these (Fozzy, Bacbuk, Mayhem, Enigma) are in our core lineup and they are still doing what they always did only more so and with less ability as their eyesight gets ever worse. Wicker remains our long-term "weekend warrior" while he continues his studies away from a decent internet connection. Ash returns after a break from the team and has brought his mate from 'just round corner' Cycore with him so that we have 2 active scousers in the team, only time will tell whether this was a good idea. Rambo is still with us and cursing the dodgy scope of cod4 despite nearly threatening to quit if cod4 was played without hitblips. Despite been hampered with a very poor pc LouLou has also been getting to grips with cod4, apparently the new pc is already delivered but wont be built for 2 weeks. Retro continues to break pc after pc. Our full lineup going into the start of a call of duty 4 therefore is:



History - Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty 2

Formed originally back in late 2004. The Incredibles originally started off as a Call of Duty 1 arising from the ashes of Old Skool. The original members were:

The Sheriff

After a few changes the team evolved into the lineup which was to continue together for almost 1 and a half years together with only a couple of changes along the way. During this period the team continued with its high reputation as a very fair team that never stooped to the level of some other teams about. The Incredibles always made a point of trying to steer clear of the incessant flaming, glitching, whining and general lameness that some teams feel the need to do to win. That team was:

The Sheriff

We naturally progressed onto Call of Duty 2 when that was released in October 2005 but never quite had the same success with all the problems of no Punkbuster for a long time. That side finally stopped playing in August 2006. It wasn't long, however, before a few of the members were back playing together and had some success with Waiks/SnD before finally deciding it was time to reform the old team and restart in Incredibles again.

In April 2007 Fozzy reformed 5 of the old lads under their old banner and tags and we hope to continue from where we left off and keep up the good name of our team and players.

UPDATE: September 2007

Since reforming we have picked up 3 more players who have bedded into the side and are now all valued members who together with Fozzys wife LouLou and his son Retro have helped us to form a solid core of players.



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