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The Incredibles Clan Rules


The Incredibles is all about having fun so the first rule is to HAVE FUN!

Whilst we wish to play seriously and win as much as possible, the clan principle is to be the best but remember, if it ceases to be fun, donít play.

We expect everyone to do their best at all times, but if mistakes are made donít get irritated with other players, point it out after the game then Ďget over it!

This clan is built on a mutual respect for fellow gamers and more importantly each other. Therefore these rules must be followed.

Communication within Teamspeak or Vent

1. No swearing/blaspheming
2. No inflammatory comments
3. No abuse/aggressive behaviour

Scrims/Matches/Team Selection

1. Players will be selected by using the activity report. This will ensure everyone gets a game.
2. Players must register availability on the incredibles website for all potential official matches at least 24 hours before the fixture.
3. Players who wish to be selected need to be online and ready to practice half an hour before match starts.
4. All team members should advise the CL, DCL or WA with as much notice as possible of their availability and are responsible to keep their availability roster up to date.
5. If you wish to play in a scrim then join coms. It will be assumed that if you are not on coms but online, you do not wish to join in.

Match Behaviour

1. There must be no swearing, abuse or inflammatory comments on global or teamsay at any time, whether in publics, scrims or officials.
2. All players should show respect to all clan members in both teams at all times.
3. Keep player problems to yourself until the match is over where it can be discussed in a rational manner

Clan Costs

1. All server costs are to be split evenly among the "earning" clan members. If you are a student or unemployed you will not be asked to contribute but donations will be welcome.
2. All members will have a say in what happens to the server(s) but administration rights will be limited to only a few members.

1. There are no current costs for the website.

There are no exceptions to these rules.