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Arrow Bacbuk



Another Original Incredibles member, and another i29 and i30 attendee (think he played) Bucky is in life what he is on the computer. A larger than life beer guzzling, pizza scoffing, PC addicted…………err that can’t be right…lets try… a mild natured, friendly and extremely considerate team member always willing to help anyone with any problem. Now has a life with a steady girlfriend so not as regular on line but always willing to drop the girlie if we are short……Nice 1 m8, good to know your priorities


A High skilled player (err…on his day), when you want someone who is solid, sticks to his job and versatile (able to handle multitude of positions) then Bucky is the one to call. However, having guarded Café (Dawnville) and South House (Carentan) for 3 years we are very reluctant to move him. Now loves to get into B on Burgundy defence, past the sniper……loves it tbh……wouldn’t miss an evenings gaming without doing it once hehe.
Unlikely to moan in a match……unless we don’t stick to positions, peek, don’t do good comms, shoot bad, don’t cover his back, call late,…………oh, guess he does moan a bit. Recently wanted us to name all the positions………so now he has the enviable position as named by Fozzy on all maps of “mind your own business and get on with your own job position”

Now the very thorough and conscientious War Arranger we now have matches months in advance and together with Mayhem and Fozzy, Bucky is helping to make The Incedibles one of the most organised clans in the COD2 world.