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See guys told you Nig was real pretty Smile


After moving from SnD to The Incredibles, its great to see ‘Nig’ committed to playing again. Vent greeting of “Hi guys..we getting a scrim?” now the catch phrase. Although beset with health problems over the years (kidneys)…this hasn’t held him back from hitting the beer and playing. Despite his ginger hair we have accepted him as a team member and he has been with many of us for a good 2-3 years. After a few drinks possibly harder than chewbakka to understand but we still nod and accept him.


Recently adopted the MP40 as his close combat (and long range) weapon and is one of our most skilled players. We can always rely on Nig to play well, even when he thinks he’s playing bad……look at my score sometimes dude and feel good about yourself Smile. Rarely moans and accepts a telling off sometimes for the occasional wander and peek , but always there when needed. Reluctantly will take positions that others can’t do without complaining………hehe that’s a joke tbh, but he will still always do what is asked by the match commander.

With so many others in the clan now his loyalty and commitment to the team today and in years gone by, has contributed greatly to the stability associated with our ‘teams’ and ‘members’.