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Arrow Mayhem


Where does he put the beer?


How he’s changed since childhood


One of the original –( i )- clan, Mayhem, or Numpty or Cousin It…..(due to the proliferation of head covering the envy of many budding barbies). Mayhem’s ability to consume large quantities of alcohol at his local heavy metal haunt, or Lan’s , at his PC and I guess anywhere where you can buy it, is a struggling Brewery’s dream. Interesting conversation on vent if he makes it back when we are still on, noticeable as Mayhem, due to the S’s now being Shh’s and lack of complete sentences and general gibberish associated with doing something to someone’s bottom on attack. TBH pretty much the same drivel we expect from him when he’s sober Sad.


Mayhem has probably, for some time, been the Clan’s most outstanding all-round player. He was the clan sniper before we signed Kane, quickly dropping it in favour of a pistol or bash button. Amazing skills which even defy himself…of course we suspect outrageous levels of hacking as the source. Always an encouragement even when we are all doing stupid things….HA! Like hell he is, the whining great lard!! “Come on guys…what are we doing” (in an extremely whingy voice) rapidly becoming the catch phrase…sadly often he has a point …. even when sometimes he’s playing like a tart. And in the case of playing whilst drunk….well say no more, usually ends up bottom, storms into the fray with the oddest weapons (carbine etc) and then wonders why everyone else is rubbish. Least gives us a good laugh.

Now Clan Administrator, deputising for Fozzy on Match commanding and generally running stuff, Mayhem shows an exemplary level of commitment to the New Incredibles Clan. (Mind you he did try to get out of a recent cb match to go to the pub Sad).