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Arrow Wicker


Don’t care if you are on the roof you’re not sniping Wick


Ah…the quiet Irishman. To hear someone is to know someone. So Wick’s profile is mainly speculation, assumption, hearsay and generally CODs wallup (to coin a phrase). Our youngest clan member at 19, and another old Inc member who came through the SnD route back to Inc. Another heavy metal fan……maybe he can’t hear anymore so doesn’t answer (just a theory). Always used to love Fozzy’s Irish accent which made him feel at home, but now we have Halo, Fozzy is happy to let it go. Never knowingly drunk, recently committed to studying but we will all be pleased to see Wick back to regular gaming once exams over.


Mostly comfortable with rifle power, Wick is another skilled player who can be relied on to stick to his positions but be flexible where needed. Despite his studies he has been totally reliable as a back-up player recently. Comms are adequate…although minimal but gets the job done. Often seen at the top of buildings that no one else can climb too, Wick displays an in-game ability to monkey around in difficult places (some even legal).

Another committed clan member at home with guys he knows well on comms that are fun but mature, and another team member who makes life with Inc feel like home.