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Call of Duty 2 Fozlan1

FozLAN 1
August 10th - August 12th 2007

(left to right - Bacbuk, Fozzy, Mayhem, Enigma, LouLou)

Bacbuk's impressions
Held at Fozzy’s home in Newark, Friday 10th August saw the first installment of fozLAN. A LAN dedicated to the members of incredibles.

After arriving at 19:00 it did not take long before Enigma had pulled up on Fozzy’s drive. Out stepped the “northern giant” but what is this? No ginger.... Enigma had dyed his hair for the LAN, lol. I shook his hand and we entered fozLAN knowing that the weekend was just about to explode into a frenzy off scrims, good company and excellent food.

As we entered there was a lean chap sitting in the corner, it was Retro, Fozzy’s son, already gaming. I walked over and shook his hand. He instantly recognised me from my mug shot on the forums. “Bucky” he said, “You just look like your picture”.... Really?

Nigs parents had driven down to the LAN. Fozzy invited them in for a drink. I was quite taken back when Nig’s mother asked Fozzy to make sure that Nig drank lots of water as his kidney’s are not very well. How many beers did you have Nig?

Right, down to business, setting up. It was not that long before we were playing our first scrim. Lost that one but did not care as we were heading off to the Chinese restaurant. Present for the evening meal was Lou, Foz, Retro, Nig and I. We had a great meal but two things stood out that evening. Nig’s awkwardness in a restaurant, “I’m northern” he said, “We don’t have anything like this in Leeds” and Fozzy’s little accidental Chinese impression when the waitress returned with the bill. We returned to the LAN and continued to lose until 02:00.

Saturday brought more scrims and Mayhem; he just seemed to turn up as Fozzy slapped the Angus beef burgers on the BBQ. Glorious weather just added that little extra touch whilst sitting in the garden eating the lovely food Lou had prepared. By the evening, Nig, Retro and May had drank enough beer to hinder their aim and boy when it comes to May and Nig they sure can empty them cans. How much water did you drink Nig?

Sunday morning, nice and early and we crammed in a few more scrims and off down the local pub for Sunday lunch. Enigma after polishing off stake pie and chips then proceeded in tucking into a “Belt Buster” pudding, consisting of two muffins, two waffles, loads of ice cream and chocolate. The same pudding was severed to Lou, Foz and Retro who only just managed to finish it off between them.

Overall, the weekend, in my opinion, was a success. It was great to meet Lou, Foz and May again and an immense pleasure meeting Retro and Nig. Not only have we established a mutual gaming relationship but I also, after this weekend, believe we have forged a friendship.


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